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Company Filing

Service Name Price Description Action
New Company Registration 8500.00 Registration of New Private Limited Company or LLP
Income Tax Filing + AGM Filing/ROC Filing + Annual Auditing & Profit/Loss Account of Company 12000.00 All Annual Services for Company
ROC/AGM Filing 4500.00 ROC/AGM Filing for Company
Charge Creation for Loan 3000.00 Charge Creation for Banks
Change of Objectives 2500.00 Change of Objectives for a Registered Company
Net-worth Certificate by CA 3000.00 Net worth Certificate by Chatard Accountant for a company or Individuals
ACTIVE Non-Compliant 1000.00 Photo of Establishment, GPS and Director Photo
Company Audit 10000 All Annual Services for Company
Company IT Return 2000 All Annual Services for Company